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Check out the updated 08/18/28 Series FRL Products from Wilkerson
Fast cycle times, high product quality, and low downtime all require a clean, dry pneumatic system to function properly. Wilkerson has what it takes to make sure pneumatic systems perform at their best. The updated 08/18/28 Series offers complete reverse compatibility with legacy products while offering lighter weights, wider temperature ranges and increased performance.

NEW Catalog and Product Listing!

Download Catalog 9EM-TK-190-5: Compressed Air TreatmentDownload Catalog 9EM-TK-190-5:
Compressed Air Treatment - Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Accessories

Other recent product literature:

Bulletin 9EM-B3: R120 Regulator

Bulletin 9EM-B1: Air Preparation for Grade D Industrial Breathing Air

Catalog 604: Pneumatic Products - Precision Regulators

Download Catalog 605-1:
08, 18, 28 and 90 Series FRL Products

FRL-SIF-618: Guide to Compressed Air Drying

FRL-TEC-600: Polycarbonate Bowl Chemical Compatibility


08/18/28 Series FRLs and Combo Units
Updated! 08/18/28 Series
FRL Products

New Safety Lock Outs from Wilkerson
Safety Lock Outs

E28/Q28 Safety Exhaust Valve
E28/Q28 Safety
Exhaust Valve

R90 Series - regulators
90 Series FRL Products

Liquid Separator
WSA/WSO Series
Liquid Separator

Combined Soft Start and Remote Operated Dump Valve
Combined Soft Start and Remote Operated Dump Valve

SPE Series Refrigeration Dryer
SPE Series Refrigeration Dryer

Modular Ball Valve
Modular Ball Valve

Automatic Electrical Drain Valve
WDV3 Automatic
Electrical Drain Valve

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