Catalogs & Archived Literature

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Literature Part #

90 Series FRL Products: 3/4" & 1" Body Ported Modular Air Preparation Systems Catalog 607 (3.3MB)
Airline Accessories (April 2013) Catalog 606 (16.6MB)
08, 18 and 28 Series FRL Products: Compact, Intermediate & Standard Modular Air Preparation Systems (October 2013) Catalog 605 (3.8MB)
Pneumatic Products: Precision Regulators (July 2011) Catalog 604 (3MB)
Dryer Products: Liquid Separators, Drain Valves, & Refrigeration Dryers (May 2012) Catalog 603 (2MB)
Compressed Air Treatment Catalog  (January 2017) 9EM-TK-190-5 (23.6MB)
Compact Regenerative Air Dryers 9CW-AW-220 (.3MB)
Regenerative Desiccant Dryer & Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers (June 2016) 9EM-TK-190-4 Subsection (729K)
Air Preparation for Grade D Industrial Breathing Air (January 2013) 9EM-B1_Air-Prep-for-Grade-D (632KB)
Safety Exhaust Valve Integration Guide (New! December 2017)) FRL-SIF-625 (5.42MB)


Literature Part #

FRL Brochures

   Modular 08 Air Preparation System   (updated Oct. 2004) 9CW-UF-202
   Modular 18/28 Air Preparation System   (updated Sept. 2006) 9CW-HW-224
   P17 & P19 Precision Regulators FRL-SIF-602
   Modular 16/26 Series 9CW-RK-177
   MSD Membrane Cutsheet 9CW-YG-244
   Automatic Mechanical Drain (Manual Override)  9CW-SD-181


   Slow-Start / Quick Dump Valve 9CW-UJ-206
   Electronic Reg./Propor. Valve ER1/ER2/EPV 9CW-UM-212

FRL Brochures - International

   Modular 08 Air Preparation System (updated July 2006) 9CW-UF-211-1
   Modular 18/28 Series   (updated Sept. 2006) 9CW-HW-225
   Modular 16/26 Series 9CW-TD-193
   Slow-Start / Quick Dump Valve 9CW-UJ-207
   Elect. Reg./Propor. Valve ER1/ER2/EPV 9CW-VB-213

Compressed Air Treatment Brochures

   3x4x Filters 9CW-YM-251
   Liquid Separator 9CW-UK-209
   Membrane Dryers  (Updated April 2006) 9CW-DX-233-1
   Manual Desiccant Dryers (updated Dec. 2003) 9CW-SD-179
   Compact Regenerative Air Dryers (updated October 2009) 9CW-AW-220