Lowers compressed air dewpoints for better equipment efficiency.

Wilkerson offers high performance, economical point-of-use clean dry air systems for applications in markets such as packaging, processing, conveying, laboratory, and instrumentation. Click any of the Clean Dry Air System products below to learn more!


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Manual Desiccant Dryers -45°F and -100°F
atmospheric dewpoints
Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers -40°F pressure dewpoint
New! Clean Dry Air Systems Products
Liquid Separators WSA and WSO Series
High flow rates
Automatic Electrical Drain Valve WDV3 Series
Versatile, Trouble-Free
Zero Loss Drain WDV2 Series
Reliable and Economical
Refrigeration Dryer DRD Series
Achieve perfectly dry compressed air

Refrigeration Dryer
DRD Series

Zero Loss Drain DRD Series View Refrigeration Air Dryer Products

Why Choose Refrigeration Dryers?

Compressed air is an important provider of energy for industry; what is often overlooked however is the need to provide quality treatment for this air. Compressed air contains condensate which, when cooled, will turn into water, causing extensive damage to both the compressed air network and the finished product itself.

DRD refrigeration dryers actively remove this condensate to achieve near perfectly dry compressed air. The benefits are notable: less system downtime, reduced costs and maintenance, and an improved finished product. DRD, thanks to its PlusPack heat exchanger (patent pending) and the most compact dimensions on the market, will prove a major asset in your factory.

  • "Plug & Play" Design for Easy Installation and Operation
    (DRD10 - DRD125)
  • Small Space Saving Design
  • Oversized Demister Separator Resulting in Excellent Liquid
    Removal Over all Operating Conditions
  • Low Pressure Differential Across The Dryer (1.45 PSIG Average)
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
  • Oversized Condenser to Operate in Ambients to 122°F (50°C)
  • All Models Incorporate a Dewpoint Indicator


Maximum Ambient Temperature

122° (50°C)

Maximum Inlet Temperature
Models DRD10 thru DRD175

149° (65°C)

Minimum Ambient Temperature

41° (5°C)

Maximum Inlet Pressure
Models DRD10 thru DRD175

232 PSIG (16 bar)

Models DRD10 thru DRD175